Daily Archives: November 21, 2014

Creating and Connecting

One is not born into the world to do everything, but to do something. Henry David Thoreau

DSCN0166I choose a Word (or Words!) of the Year as a part of living mindfully, choosing what I do and responding to what comes up.  I started this year with a clutch of words, which perhaps reflected a fear of getting it wrong.  I mean what would happen if I chose the wrong word of the year?  What wisdom would I miss if I….(shock, horror) chose the wrong word of the year? Funny girl.

As it turns out, it’s just two that have quietly andDSCN0169 consistently called me.  Two that I ponder when I feel overwhelmed by choices and decisions.  Two that shed some light on what the something I was born to do might be.  Two words that I have sort of resisted.

My lovely man says I connect. He says it’s what I do. And, in a way he is right. I connect to my place, I connect with people, I connect people to one another (I often think a special quality of the Colourful Journey is the result of connections between wonderful people who have not met before), I have practices to help me connect to my breath and my body. As DSCN0172I get older, I see more and more our deep interconnectedness, the fact that most of us share that we are trying to make the best of what life dishes up.  Ironically, as an introvert, I feel more connected than ever! (My introversion was part of why I resisted this word but a lot of this article resonated!)

And I live to create.  You all know that.  I try to bring my innate creativity (which we all have!) to what ever I do.  In a post with the resonant clarity of a lovely bell, Jen Louden says about why creating stuff matters,:

The point of life is to make something good and beautiful in the face of meaninglessness and horror. To not give away your voice to false gods of cool shoes, Facebook likes, fat bank statements or to cynicism, resignation and anger. Rather to keep feeling, keep creating, keep enchanting yourself and others with the power of creation.

It helps to ask myself, Does what I am doing now help me in my goal to truly andDSCN0170 meaningfully connect, to create something good, or beautiful? It’s not always simple.  Sometimes trawling through someone’s Pinterest site does exactly that. And sometimes I use the same activity to avoid something challenging.  It’s not so much the activity but the attitude.

So WoTY watchers, I reckon, if between now and the end of the year, you tell me a few of the WoTY you’ve spotted, AND send a word that has resonated for you, we could connect and create.  And given the somewhat pontificatory nature of this post, photos of the struggle between good and evil from the newly completed burning ghats at Itahari seem appropriate. Can you pick the good guys?

BTW, I am regularly updating the Samunnat blog even though the veeeery slooooooow internet nearly sends me to distraction. Latest building photos are here.