Two angels

IMG_0035I wanted to make something very special for my first grand child. I did not know the gender and I am not of a particularly practical bent but had fairly clear ideas about what I wanted my special creation to say. It was to convey profound love from grand parents who lived a long way away.  It was to provide a new mother with the knowledge that her own mother was always there at the end of theIMG_0031 phone, sending love, remembering those first crazy months.

I am one of two girls and had two girls of my own so struggled a bit to imagine having anything but a grand daughter. I hoped that if the baby was a boy, at least his mother would appreciate anything a tad too feminine!  On a run, as has been the way lately, the image of what I photo 2wanted to make came clearly and I loved the very meditative process of making my angel’s wings/ arms. Laying each feather with a thought of love and a wish for joy for our new little person and the new family.  I used some of Helen Breil’s texture stamps and clear Kato liquid mixed with a little acrylic for the glaze which I applied after the preliminary baking.  She was mounted on Nepali lokte (daphne) paper;

Our precious new angel, Zoe Margaret, is now just under one week old and I have been living with her and her besotted mum and dad since her birth. I have one moreIMG_0080.JPG week of this bliss and then will rely on the wonders of modern technology for a while until my next visit.  I was describing to my daughter how we would have to take photos, take the film to the processor to get them developed and post them to far away family to share those precious moments and I think it was genuinely hard for her to imagine a world where the connection was so slow.  We sometimes bemoan modern technology and social media but four great grand parents are now asking for more pictures, more videos, more Instagram shots of this amazing little girl.

IMG_0070.JPGThis blog does not usually contain family photos but as every grand mother I know would understand, I am now a totally biased, somewhat boring, overwhelming Zoe-centric human being. I do not for a second take for granted my good fortune in being here to meet and get to know this little angel; to hold her and to see my daughter radiantly in love with a daughter of her own.

Priya Zoe, swagatam.

15 thoughts on “Two angels

  1. emily

    Wendy – she is lovely (and the angel isn’t too bad herself). What a lucky grand-daughter to have you as a grandmother. Thank you for sharing her with us. Looking forward to stories on your return.

  2. Jen Alessi

    Well what can I say! Firstly I agree with Emily. My gorgeous Zoe is incredibly lucky to have such a special grandma, who also happens to be extremely talented. We LOVE the angel hanging which I have no doubt contributes to her long and peaceful sleeps she has in her little sanctuary. Xx

  3. Sabine

    Congratulations, Wendy. What an exiting time ahead for you. Just be chance I had a look at your blog. It is wonderful news. Congratulations too to the parents.

    1. Wendy Moore

      So lovely to hear from you Sabine! Thank you and I will pass on your congratulations. I love seeing your wonderful creations and will peek again! Hugs, Wendy

  4. Pamela Parr

    Congratulations,a grandaughter how wonderful,I hope as she grows older she will also have a love of all things Nepali,just like her lovely grandma,and yes modern technology is wonderful,I often think how hard it must have been for the Nepali men going overseas for work to
    support their families,and not seeing them for months,now of coarse
    most have mobile phones and internet,so at least they can see photos of their families and watch their children grow,guess your next Nepal trip must be fast approaching,are you taking a colourful journey this year?

    1. Wendy Moore

      Thank you Pam. We are already enjoying sky ping and Zoe has been sent her first deura surwal by the ladies! We are not doing a trip this year although I will be going to Nepal to stay in Birtamod. Lots on! I leave in just over three weeks and will send namastes from there to you!

  5. Cathy

    ooooooo both Zoe and Angel are dherai dherai lovely ani sundari!! Wendy didi- that child is beautiful- well done Jenny Wren! Dear lord above you are such an amazing artist too! love Cath XX

  6. Lois

    Wendy, I love the angel, and Zoe is angelic too. Congratulations to all concerned. Sweetness and light!

    1. wendy Post author

      Thank you lovely Lois and congratulations on your exciting grand motherly news! Looking forward to catching up soon I hope!!!

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