Black and White for Dummies

DSCN5393I should have been a bit more ceremonial about my last post which was my 200th! Who’d have thought it? That’s tenacity for you.   Deeply grateful thanks to those of you who have been reading along.  Massive buckets of thanks to those who comment!

At one level I am still deeply immersed in black and white.  With my fantastic ten polymer journeyers at the Gallery, we are having a very exploratory and happy time.  Lots of loving myself sick moments and the flashing of the rings was fun this week.  We ran out of time to assemble the disc necklaces but will do that this Wednesday before leaping with wild exuberance into colour! It has nearly killed some of these girls to restrain themselves to black and white. And we are looking at you Beth!

One of the oft repeated comments is how amazing it is that using the same colours andDSCN5386 similar techniques and forms, the group comes up with such divergent and unique creations.  The rings don’t show this diversity as much as the samples and journals do. And the disc necklaces will!

In the process of preparing the class I made a lot of black and white things as you know.  I have this vague notion that the birth of my grandchild may coincide with the birth of my etsy store so things are accumulating beyond current busty limits.  A trip to the tip shop yielded NO mannequins or dummies and the information that they are not sold when they arrive.  The lady at the dress shop closing down in Argent St., was polite but negative when I asked if I could buy her mannequins.  And at a local op shop that will remain nameless, the manger also said she didn’t sell them. But then she did. Bless you M.  I promise I will treat these girls with love and respect.

DSCN5362Oh, and when I say these girls, I realised when I got home why one did not stack so well. He was a boy!  Different stackable bits.  I can gender re-assign him or start making male jewellery. Let’s see….

The other slightly black and white activity was for the birthday of a dear friend.  She loved my disc mala and wanted a black, white and purple version. Here it is.  Instead of using whole circles I used half circles this time (mainly due to lack of time) and I think it is an improvement on theDSCN5391 way the original one sits and moves.  She also commissioned PP to make up a necklace she designed using her collectables from dump journeys(it’s an addiction out here).  The shards of purple glass looked like amethyst and her rusted, oxidised tin lid looked like a tribal pendant.  I thought it was stunning and fortunately, so did she.


6 thoughts on “Black and White for Dummies

  1. emily

    The half circles do sit beautifully – they made an office appearance last week. PP better be careful or he will be busy too – the found objects necklace is amazing 🙂

    1. wendy Post author

      I am so glad you could vouch for this Emily! And I think Sue can add necklace design to her long list of talents! And chutzpah because you need a bit of that to wear such a necklace which she does with ease! PP is good at monitoring this kind of thing eh? Hugs, W

    1. wendy Post author

      She looked stunning Deb! I love seeing the photos of you doing your tours and wearing your Nepali creation! As my sister would say, you are soooooo creative.


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