Daily Archives: July 13, 2014

Sunday reading pleasure

Sunday is a day for reading. Sometimes books, sometimes links I DSCN0197follow from my beloved Brainpickings…all sorts of stuff.  I am loving Ann Patchett’s This is the story of a Happy Marriage which I gave my mum with suspect generosity.  And I am continuing my research into the going gray project which starts in nine months.  (This in fact has become my latest form of procrastination and I will have to watch it. I limit it to one page of reading now.  Other woman just gracefully grow gray. I bore people for a year and then make a song and dance about it. Still, to each her own.)

Today I came across two thoughts that I am going to ponder. No more reading now…justDSCN0189 reflection:

From the poet Mary Oliver:

Let me keep my mind on what matters, which is my work, which is mostly standing still and learning to be astonished.

My sister stayed last week and after a magical run through the bush early one morning, the sun rising and colouring the sky and strong, red kangaroos leaping up the hills around us, we both talked about the importance of appreciating the wonder of the ordinary, of not missing the treasure right before us.

I am slowly seeing that my running, my meditating, being astonished, being still, is indeed all part of making my art. All entwined.  In several aspects of my life there is this slow awareness of the oneness of it all.  Has that got anything to do with fray hair?  Maybe.  I think that is why this comment by 90 year old Phyllis Sues so inspired:

People ask me all the time what’s my secret. I tell them move, learn and listen…What inspires me is the process of learning. Inspiration creates creativity and creativity creates a better life. I like experimenting and I have no fear of trying something new, so flying high on a trapeze at 80 was never a question…stay fit and enjoy the journey. Accept the challenge and go for it!

Read her whole article here.