Thank you darling Tony!

In her wonderful book The Gifts of Imperfection (which I reread regularly and refer to often!) , Brene Brown says:

Without exception, every person …who described themselves as joyful, actively practised gratitude and attributed their joyfulness to their gratitude practice.

She defines joy as being different to happiness: Happiness is tied to circumstances and joyfulness is tied to spirit and gratitude.

I try to incorporate gratitude into every day and to do that, I have a gratitude practice.  And often my gratitude is for the people in my life. Today I am particularly grateful for the presence in my life of gorgeous Tony Byrt who took the joy filled wedding photo that I posted here the other day.  For me, a central part of gratitude is connection and these photos of Tony’s seem to me to celebrate moments of connection.  I like that.  Several friends took great photos which we are all eagerly looking at, wondering how the professional ones could be much better!

I did add a thank you to the actual post but no-one will be seeing that…yesterday’s news.  And the observant reader will note that I mentioned Tony here in this website. Here is one more of his wedding photos-the other set of proud parents.  Truly, that’s it now.


4 thoughts on “Thank you darling Tony!

  1. Jen Moore

    That may be a promise you can’t keep, the professional ones are looking beautiful!
    Timely post as I too have been trying to practice gratitude more. Which doesn’t seem too hard at the moment. Which I’m grateful for! 😉 It certainly helps ground me and keep me somewhat present. Xx

    1. wendy Post author

      Gosh! Sorely tempted by the one of you and the doggies. How can I work that into a blog on creativity and polymer clay???? Keep them coming! Love you.

  2. Tony Byrt

    Wendy, thank you for your lovely words. It was great to be a part of the big day and we remain indebted to you for the positivity and warmth you bring to our friendship despite (my) such typically poor responsiveness via social media! Maybe this, my first ever comment on a blog site could be the start of something?

    1. wendy Post author

      HELLOOOOOO Tony!! Welcome to the world of commenting on a blog site. I feel honoured to have been the first comment recipient! I am a bit of a lurker myself at the best of times so am very happy that you did. MWAA, W


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