Daily Archives: February 7, 2014

And now for something a tiny bit different…

Alter Ego 009I am inspired by Marlene Brady, who is, as my sister would say, SOOOOO CREATIVE!!! Marlene’s blog is a joy for its diversity.  She does amazing figurative work in polymer, bead crochet and weaving, paintings, sketching, so much.  I am learning about multi passionate introverts  (no reason. LOL) and while I don’t know if she is an introvert, you’d have to call Marlene multi passionate!  In searching for suitable pictures to accompany my post I found Marlene’s Alter Ego (L). And here is her accompanying post. Truly aColorBands w Blk Wht-01_a perfect image for a multi passionate!  Love it.

Marlene inspires me to rejoice in my need to for change sometimes. To have several projects on the go.  This suits how I work. I find that telling myself I will sit down and work at something I find hard for a short period, means I am less likely to procrastinate or put off doing it at all. Often, I end up sticking at it until I have got a bigger chunk done than if I told myself I had to spend a day on it!

photo-1And making these necklaces was a reward for getting tough job done!  A few years ago, I got a bag of tiny textile pockets and pom poms from Kulshi Mumkin. I wrote about using some on jacket and Christmas stockings here.  My plan was to turn others into necklaces and yesterday I did. I combined them with some of my faux beads and wanted to create two quite different moods.

I teamed the vibrant, bright coloured ones with ties made from Nepaliphoto striped fabric and the more subdued, ancient looking ones with plaited silk ribbons.  Probably more Winter jewellery but if I was into selfies you could see one on me now in spite of the Outback heat!