Daily Archives: February 4, 2014

Buns of Steel

RIMG0709It’s not about male icons.  And the bride featured here is from the past. (The current one is better!) And appears to be solo?

We have two weddings happening in the next 12 months or so. It’s all very exciting and thanks to their deep, compassionately insightful knowledge of their mother both girls are very realistic in regards to their expectations about mother of the bride behaviour.  My major responsibility will be working out my jewellery for each event and making wedding cake toppers (and isn’t that a whole nother world!) for both couples.  Sounds like fun!

The first wedding takes place a few weeks after I get back from Nepal so I am doing the toppers now. Of course I am not at liberty to do progress shots as this would be giving too many secrets away but I can recount a conversation that gives you a sense of things.

I showed the father of the bride (FoB) the groom (let’s call him polymer Rob), almost finished except for the hair. Or so I thought….

(me) What do you think? So glad I am nearly done!

(FoB: known for disarming candour) Silence. They are not meant to be super realistic are they?

(Defensive me) What do you mean?  Not SUPER realistic but a bit realistic!

(Slightly nervous FoB) Yeah no, yeah. It’s um good. It is just meant to be a suggestion of him isn’t it?  (rising inflection on the good)

(Me) What’s the problem?

(Careful FoB) Well, Rob (real Rob) is kind of buff isn’t he? This guy (polymer Rob) is sort of, like his chest sort of caves in bit doesn’t it?

(Pushing his luck FoB) And his back is sort of…weedy?


(Tired and trying to convince myself me) Yes, but they are not meant to be super realistic. Just to give a sense of them.

(Helpful FOB) Yeah. So you wouldn’t be disappointed that this one was not buff and that real Rob is?

(Resigned but really wanting it to be perfect for my precious girl me)  What would you do?

(Anatomically knowledgeable FoB – removing shirt to show quite well defined if not totally buff muscles) You could give him more bulk in his chest and shoulders. Like Rob works out. He is built! This guy (polymer Rob) is not really built is he?

(Feeling better because there is a way forward me) OK. No that is good. I can take off all this bit and give him makeover.

So now Rob is buff. I mean BUFF. Talk about muscle definition, washboard abs, buns of steel. It was a shame to put the suit coat on top of it all really but it does LOOK more like Rob. The FoB knew from nearly 30 years of experience that I would have been disappointed if I’d settled for less!

Instead of photos of the happy pair (you will have to wait until after thephoto wedding!) I can show you photos of the other VERY EXCITING THING THAT HAPPENED TODAY!!! Yes, it does have something to do with the tip. When I was taking in my recyclables I thought, I have made a really buff Rob so I will reward myself by seeing what is in at the tip shop. Just looking of course.

And, well….look at this. A revolving polymer tool stand. How lucky can you be? And then, the Holy Grail of tip finds…a DART BOARD!! You will recall my excitement at finding the last one and what I did with it and now Darren at the Gallery wants me to do an photoExhibition of Upcycled Dart boards for the big room in 201….. something or other. One down….photo