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Double D-dreaming and doing!

photoIf some one had walked into our class on Sunday, they may have wondered just what was going on.  Occasionally you’d hear They are magnificent boobs or Does this need plastic surgery? All in the name of creating goddesses/ gods/a green man that reflected our inner selves!

The class was created on a bit of a whim after reading a comment made by Cynthia Tinapple in her excellent Studio Mojo about needing to be Double D girls. Dreamers and Doers.  The image that popped into my mind seemed like fun and one thing led to another and there we were, with magnificently brave Ian* to balance the gender imbalance (big call for one bloke with 11 women but he wasphoto up to it), to create to our hearts’ content.

It was a class to follow instincts, to experiment wildly, to learn newphoto techniques and to walk out with more ideas.  I loved the diversity of the creations and the willingness of every participant to really follow their gut, to listen to the little voice within saying Why not give this a go? or I wonder what it would look like if I did this?

With access to inks, powders, Helen Breil’s texture sheets, home made texture tools, words they received on clouds in the beginning of the class, pre made canes (I did have rather a lot in stock!) and pre mixed colours each artist created something unique and gorgeous.  There won’t be any more of my classes until May/ June as I leave in less than two weeks. It will be a while between drinks but will keep us all going I hope!

See more photos here at the Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery Facebook page.

*Ian may not have been there totally of his own free will but never let that get in the way of having fun!

Purple Haze

photoStop measuring days by degree of productivity and start experiencing them by degree of presence.  Alan Watts (via Maria Popova in Brainpickings)

Having been rather struck by this, why do I catch myself reciting lists of things done and not done?
Partly it is because I am getting ready to head off again. It’s slightly longer trip than usual as Kopila and I are going to the Eurosynergy Conference in Malta. And a 30th wedding anniversary. I hadphoto long promised my husband we’d be in the same country for that. We just had to be flexible about which country!

I am in the midst of a purple patch as we work out colour combinations for a project I am not at liberty to speak of freely but it is Samunnat related!  And, appropriately, I did play Jimi Hendrix’s photoPurple Haze and Prince’s Purple Rain! As I trialled colour combinations I meandered back into icon and bangle territory-combining Samunnat design work with class preparation and random creative distractibility.  I’m calling it multi focussed rather than scatty!  Purple productivity AND purple presence.

PS Note the natty toilet roll cooking rack (patent pending) which gave the beads above a really good curve. You can’t really see it in the photo but it’s there making it sit well!

A Colourful Journey

CIMG2328It is that time of year again when I begin to think about our Colourful Journey in November.  Bishnu and I have never advertised as such and so far, nearly all the travellers have come because they’ve liked what they’ve heard from past trippers!  The right people always seem to come.  Each group has been special.  And no two journeys have been the same.

And from this point on I had a post already written and was just going to addDSCN2791 photos. But then I received an email from one of last year’s travellers that made me think Shut up Wendy and let some one else say something! So I will:

…although I had been to Nepal many times, this was the most exhilarating experience. I travelled with interesting women, who shared their lives Exif_JPEG_PICTUREwith each other, found out what fascinates them and keeps them going. Their vitality, their tolerance and humour rubbed off and I gained new insights and understanding. I had fun, found a new sense freedom and achievement, and realised that age is not a barrier to new opportunities.
Then there was the journey itself. It was certainly a most colourful journey, the colours of the landscape, the brightness of the clothing and the opportunity to meet Nepali people was a unique feature of this trip.
This trip took us out of Kathmandu and helped us appreciate some of theDSCN2950 difficulties the terrain itself presents and the resourcefulness of many
If you think this sounds like it could be your sort of trip, get in touch with me now! You can read more about the trip here and here. If you think you know someone who would love this trip, send them this post!

(Thanks to Carol and someone from 2012-could even be me-for photos!)




And now for something a tiny bit different…

Alter Ego 009I am inspired by Marlene Brady, who is, as my sister would say, SOOOOO CREATIVE!!! Marlene’s blog is a joy for its diversity.  She does amazing figurative work in polymer, bead crochet and weaving, paintings, sketching, so much.  I am learning about multi passionate introverts  (no reason. LOL) and while I don’t know if she is an introvert, you’d have to call Marlene multi passionate!  In searching for suitable pictures to accompany my post I found Marlene’s Alter Ego (L). And here is her accompanying post. Truly aColorBands w Blk Wht-01_a perfect image for a multi passionate!  Love it.

Marlene inspires me to rejoice in my need to for change sometimes. To have several projects on the go.  This suits how I work. I find that telling myself I will sit down and work at something I find hard for a short period, means I am less likely to procrastinate or put off doing it at all. Often, I end up sticking at it until I have got a bigger chunk done than if I told myself I had to spend a day on it!

photo-1And making these necklaces was a reward for getting tough job done!  A few years ago, I got a bag of tiny textile pockets and pom poms from Kulshi Mumkin. I wrote about using some on jacket and Christmas stockings here.  My plan was to turn others into necklaces and yesterday I did. I combined them with some of my faux beads and wanted to create two quite different moods.

I teamed the vibrant, bright coloured ones with ties made from Nepaliphoto striped fabric and the more subdued, ancient looking ones with plaited silk ribbons.  Probably more Winter jewellery but if I was into selfies you could see one on me now in spite of the Outback heat!


Buns of Steel

RIMG0709It’s not about male icons.  And the bride featured here is from the past. (The current one is better!) And appears to be solo?

We have two weddings happening in the next 12 months or so. It’s all very exciting and thanks to their deep, compassionately insightful knowledge of their mother both girls are very realistic in regards to their expectations about mother of the bride behaviour.  My major responsibility will be working out my jewellery for each event and making wedding cake toppers (and isn’t that a whole nother world!) for both couples.  Sounds like fun!

The first wedding takes place a few weeks after I get back from Nepal so I am doing the toppers now. Of course I am not at liberty to do progress shots as this would be giving too many secrets away but I can recount a conversation that gives you a sense of things.

I showed the father of the bride (FoB) the groom (let’s call him polymer Rob), almost finished except for the hair. Or so I thought….

(me) What do you think? So glad I am nearly done!

(FoB: known for disarming candour) Silence. They are not meant to be super realistic are they?

(Defensive me) What do you mean?  Not SUPER realistic but a bit realistic!

(Slightly nervous FoB) Yeah no, yeah. It’s um good. It is just meant to be a suggestion of him isn’t it?  (rising inflection on the good)

(Me) What’s the problem?

(Careful FoB) Well, Rob (real Rob) is kind of buff isn’t he? This guy (polymer Rob) is sort of, like his chest sort of caves in bit doesn’t it?

(Pushing his luck FoB) And his back is sort of…weedy?


(Tired and trying to convince myself me) Yes, but they are not meant to be super realistic. Just to give a sense of them.

(Helpful FOB) Yeah. So you wouldn’t be disappointed that this one was not buff and that real Rob is?

(Resigned but really wanting it to be perfect for my precious girl me)  What would you do?

(Anatomically knowledgeable FoB – removing shirt to show quite well defined if not totally buff muscles) You could give him more bulk in his chest and shoulders. Like Rob works out. He is built! This guy (polymer Rob) is not really built is he?

(Feeling better because there is a way forward me) OK. No that is good. I can take off all this bit and give him makeover.

So now Rob is buff. I mean BUFF. Talk about muscle definition, washboard abs, buns of steel. It was a shame to put the suit coat on top of it all really but it does LOOK more like Rob. The FoB knew from nearly 30 years of experience that I would have been disappointed if I’d settled for less!

Instead of photos of the happy pair (you will have to wait until after thephoto wedding!) I can show you photos of the other VERY EXCITING THING THAT HAPPENED TODAY!!! Yes, it does have something to do with the tip. When I was taking in my recyclables I thought, I have made a really buff Rob so I will reward myself by seeing what is in at the tip shop. Just looking of course.

And, well….look at this. A revolving polymer tool stand. How lucky can you be? And then, the Holy Grail of tip finds…a DART BOARD!! You will recall my excitement at finding the last one and what I did with it and now Darren at the Gallery wants me to do an photoExhibition of Upcycled Dart boards for the big room in 201….. something or other. One down….photo