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photoIt possibly sounds like I spend ages reflecting and pondering.  A bit of January pondering does take place, partly due to timing, but also because usually October, November and December are ponder free zones!!!  I am generally in Nepal, and there is precious little reflecting and pontificating time and lots of frantic doing.  Any reflecting or planning is very Samunnat related and I usually come back feeling like I need to regroup at a personal level.  Hence the preponderance of pondering.

Every year, my friend Cath and the Team at UN Headquarters come up with100_0328 their version of the Declaration of the Year.  Readers may recall 2012 when we were to start where we were, revel in our imperfections and wear undies that made us feel great. Some made underpants earrings inspired by the more profound aspects of this great declaration.

DD iconThis year it’s another cracker and spookily synchronous given my amply proportioned iconic goddesses.  (This one pictured even doubles…sorry…as an earring holder!)  This year we are exorted to Do a hobby (old or new), accept yourself as you are right now, yes, now…right now and promote your “top shelf”.  The final part of the Declaration began as Stand up Straight but Promote your Top Shelf does it so much better and ever since receiving the word, so to speak, I have been aware of my posture in a way stand up straight would NOT have inspired!!!

Anyway, it all tied in very nicely and in the spirit of the Declaration and all my pondering (see, it does all come together in the end) and I have created a class called THE DOUBLE D GODDESS ICON CLASS where you can do all three aspects at once!  You can do a hobby; not even just accept yourself but walk out loving yourself sick becauseCanberra polymer clay retreat 2006 027 of your gorgeous creation; and we will be so aware of posture and our top shelves in general the whole time.

Each creator will make a unique icon that reminds her/ him(?) to be a double D girl, a Dreamer and Doer.  We will also create our icon to express a quality we want to take into the year. So much! Gosh.  All in fabulous polymer. To the right, I’ve posted some photos of icons made by students in a similar class I ran in 2006!  Read more details of February’s class here but those here in the Outback in Australia’s stinking hot Summer would be mad not to do it!

4 thoughts on “Promote your Top Shelf!

  1. Monique U. (A Half-Baked Notion)

    Hi Wendy! I am so enjoying this clever and humorous take on your gals… and this from someone who doesn’t normally “go for” face canes (but these are simply adorable) 🙂 Who wouldn’t want to promote her “best self”? I will have to settle on being with you in spirit Feb. 23, as I am on the other side of the globe (literally, eastern Canada).

    What brought me here this morning was noticing your comment on Cindy Lietz’s blog, in reference to Sue F’s Kato experiments. I was wondering if you knew Sue (Fisher), who actually lives in Oz (but I haven’t a clue where). If you use the search feature at Cindy’s blog, you will find many wonderful contributions Sue has made over the years, including colour recipes, pics of her studio, and of course, tons of amazingly detailed technical accounts on working with Kato.

    It was interesting to read about the particular problems you face claying in Nepal, Wendy, both with humidity and infrastructure. Kato is my preferred brand as well, and it is nice to hear yet another account of its consistent quality.

    Good luck and happy claying 🙂

    1. wendy Post author

      Monique welcome and how delightful to have you here!! That is a great idea about the search engine and I will definitely follow it up. Cindy seems to have gathered quite a lovely, supportive community over there! I had heard whisper that Sue is an Aussie but I think she will be 1000+ km away from me here in Broken Hill. I am looking forward to tracking down pictures of her studio. I am imagining that it may be somewhat more…scientific (aka organised!) than mine! I am also looking forward to exploring your blog more and loved the photos of you when your were young. I think we are similar vintage.
      Our biggest problem with clay (and this is related to any products from outside!) is that we all go grey waiting for it to arrive. Clearing customs, additional “facilitation costs”, length of time to travel, omigod, we can wait up to three months sometimes. Currently on our last half packet of white with a big order but we hear the post bus is “in the region”. Fingers crossed. Thanks again so much for your comment! Cheers, Wendy


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