Daily Archives: January 24, 2014

Creative Energy

Exif_JPEG_PICTUREThat’s Cynthia didi….creative energy in a body.

Hard to know where to begin here.  Clearly I am a card carrying member of the Cynthia Tinapple Fan Club.  And it’s not just because of today’s featured favourite website, Polymer Clay Daily. Even though PCD unites polymer lovers across the world into one drooling, inspired, fascinated, energised and happy lot. How many of us spend at least ten minutes of our day delighting in the latest offering Cynthia has come up with? So many times people talk about starting their day with their beverage of choice and PCD! On the occasions my work has been featured I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.  There were two, no three, occasions off hand. (And ain’t that blowing my own trumpet! But I know you think that’s good mum)

And it’s not just because of Studio Mojo…where for less than the price of a couple of Cynthia and Wendycups of coffee, once a week Cynthia provides more in-depth discoveries, conversations with fellow journeyers, ideas, thoughts, hints and the push to help us grow as artists.  As Meta Strick says of Studio Mojo: Studio Mojo provides me with the kind of energy that radiates from these little glimpses into the lives and ideas of others.

It’s not just because she somehow convinced a somewhat fearful faffer that she was worth including in a book and then actually including me!!  It was months before I stopped expecting the Actually, I might just have to leave your chapter out email and realised that she really wanted it!!!

Exif_JPEG_PICTUREAnd it’s not just because she has been such a source of good things happening for my beloved ladies at Samunnat.

In a recent Studio Mojo, Cynthia talked about the double D girls (and there’s an icon/ goddess in that isn’t there?)…the ones who dream and do! And that’s Cynthia.  The ultimate DD.  I recall our early online conversations when I was hesitantly warbling on about Samunnat and Cynthia said, You need web presence.  And then made sure we had it. Thank you Cynthia.

I recall later on when Cynthia said I’d love to meet you all and visited, memorablyExif_JPEG_PICTURE and magnificently, in 2011.  Cynthia’s visit bought joy, not only to us but to every other red head in Nepal. Both of whom lined up to have their photograph taken with the great one.  And it wasn’t just the red heads lining up just quietly!

And Cynthia said, I’d like to come up with some things the ladies can make. She researched, she trialled, she explored, and then she taught us all how to make our shisha Exif_JPEG_PICTUREbangles, one of our ultimate best sellers (nothing available online at the moment….long story but bear with us!) Thank you Cynthia.

It is not just the polymer community that Cynthia re-energises and encourages to move forward. This is so true for me personally and for Samunnat too. When I look at things happening for us now, huge scary but amazing and wonderful things, so much of itShisha goes back to connections that exist because of Cynthia. La, enough. I have this idea about a red headed DD icon….wonder where it will take me? (When I have time?)