Daily Archives: January 15, 2014

An Upstanding Artist

As I drove the approximately 1750 th kilometre of our Christmas/ New Year road trip I remarked to my husband, Husband, I will be glad to be home. In the past three months, I have only had two weeks at home.
Those who know the aforementioned husband will not be surprised to read that he responded with You make your bed, you lie in it. Lovingly of course. Tongue in cheek and all that.

But it’s true. I have chosen this peripatetic, at times chaotic lifestyle and so far, apart from a few exhausted hiccups, we manage. This year was going to be quieter but for reasons, happy ones, beyond my control, quiet won’t be what it is! It’s a long time since I kidded myself I had much control though. And it’s been better for it!
StandingOne change I am bringing into to 2014 is standing.  It’s not the word of the year (more of that in another post! I know some of you are waiting….) but I am committed to standing more ( for health reasons) and have altered my desk to do so. So far….loving myself sick!! (Ironic for a health practice!)  It is really, really, really good.

The other thing that has worked sensationally well for three whole days now was triggered by a comment by Cynthia Tinapple at Studio Mojo.  She mentioned that she spent time in her studio each morning and then did computer based stuff in the afternoon. What a difference that has made to me! Transformed my sense of enoughness no end. I will burble on at length about this one day. Lucky youse!

On my wonderfully raised work surface, you can see the beginnings of the necklace I am making inspired by this poem:Miracle to Miracle
To be alive
To be able to see,
To walk, to have houses,
Music, paintings
-it’s all a miracle.
I have adopted the technique of living life
Miracle to miracle
Arthur Rubenstein

That wonderful phrase miracle to miracle leapt out at me with a very clear image! We’ll see how it goes!