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Remembering a poem for someone who is juggling her life

imageWell hellooooooooo there. Namaste! It’s been a long time. And you got no warning either. No I am going to take a little break from blogging. Just I am going to colour my hair then nothing. Profound blogging silence. You could be forgiven for thinking it had been an unmitigated hairdressing disaster. But lots of things happen in life with no warning. And lots did happen. Is happening. Like life really.

Each morning I meditate and I remind myself of my intention to try to greet what ever happens each day with patience, openness and compassion. (Among other things obviously! Do you really think I would manage with a three word morning mantra?! ) Sometimes, especially when the proverbial hits the fan, the energy required to do that, to imagenot slip back into default patterns of resistance, fear and avoidance means that I get tired. Very tired. Deeply tired ( that’s one for the Higgins women.) Eventually, I did a bit of breathing and got through it. A bit of blabbing, some blubbing, blubbering, blurting, burbling and not much blogging ( well, a tiny bit over here…..) But, things have settled down. And some of the stuff that happened was wonderful (albeit exhausting!) The weeks with the ladies at Samunnat were frantic, productive, exciting and inspiring. Yet again, the Colourful Journey tour bought together a sensational group of travellers who took what came with openness, compassion, patience and great humour! imageWe had a ball! We danced, listened, shared, shopped, laughed, cried, sang, got used to being nurtured and looked after ( in the way that most of us do for others in real life but are not so practised at receiving) and we all feel very enriched for having met each other. Our lovely blokes, Bishnu, Chaita, Laxman and Sabin were once again worth their weight in gold and the inspiring Nepali women we met on the way felt connections that help us all get through whatever life throws up.

My word for the year was listen. I am reading a great book (a generous gift from a friend!) at the moment that defined listening in the following way: Listening is not a technique. ( Like eye contact, leaning forward, reflecting etc) it’s a way of being. It’s about attention and awareness and genuinely wanting to hear some one else’s story. The Generosity Network

This year has truly been about paying attention, trying to live with deep awareness and imagemindfulness, and genuinely wanting to openly hear others’ stories. Some days I have done better than others. Some days I have caught myself slipping into old patterns of grasping or avoiding or rejecting. I have had to listen to some good firm self talk to get me open and aware again. To remind myself that it is OK to let it all fall sometimes.  I have had to listen to my body telling me what is needed NOW, not when I have time. I have been grateful to listen to stunningly well timed texts, emails, phone calls from people encouraging me, reminding me, nurturing me. Ironically for someone 75% deaf, Listen was a great word. I will keep you posted about the Word for 2014. I’m rooting for idle coasting but have my doubts! I’d give myself ten minutes I reckon.

PS the title for this post comes from Rosa Cook’s wonderful poem about listening that I wrote about here. I found it on my beloved Art Propelled site here.