The wonderful Robyn Gordon reminded me to listen.  She shared a poem by Rosa Cook.


This is a poem for someone   image

who is juggling her life.

Be still sometimes.

Be still sometimes.


It needs repeating

over and over

to catch her attention

over and over

because someone juggling her

life finds it difficult to hear.


Be still sometimes.

Be still sometimes.

Let it all fall sometimes.


So tonight, after working through our one day weekend, Kopila and I sat on the balcony watching the fire flies and listening. We didn’t quite see Kanchenjunga ( this photo was not taken from the balcony!) but we knew it was there.

2 thoughts on “Listen….

  1. Cathy

    I can picture exactly where you both are and can almost hear Birtamod-life… Be still. Let it all fall. Dhanyabad. Cath xx


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