Collected Works, Collected Family, Collected Friends

Room opening 1Some of my lovely tolerant friends and family have asked that I include some photos of the BIG EVENT on this blog so I shall!  Bear with us those who may not be so interested!  It felt like a landmark night for me and was so enriched by the physical presence of some very special people who covered vast distances and the messages of love (including a magnificent bunch of flowers!) from other special people who could not physically be there!

Cathy, Darren, Ian and the rest of the gang at the Broken Hill Regional Art Gallery (BHRAG) are magnificent people for many reasons.  They did a fabulous job and tookW,C and Susan's flowers as much care with presenting the exhibition as I would.  And then they added experience and knowledge.  It’s a bit like when you take your kids to school and just hope that the people there can love them and see the magic in them in spite of all their little faults.  You hope that they will know what to do to help bring out the best in them. Cathy, Darren and Ian did that with my stuff!

PlinthObviously they could have felt very overwhelmed with all those bosoms.  Shadows created by the bountifully endowed did create challenges with label placement.  The variety of colours, varying bust shapes and idiosyncratic hanging methods, meant that the laser precision levelling was time consuming.  Pragmatism meant we did used covered plinths for some more fragile or removable pieces and a strong desire by all of us to highlight the importance of my relationship with the Samunnat ladies guided placement of some pieces.  There were just so many flipping labels to place and spell check’s reaction to Nepali nearly sent Cathy spare!  So to you guys, a huge thank you for doing such a wonderful job. As always. The Art Gallery holds a special place in the hearts of locals and is very much a part of the community.  I felt incredibly lucky to be able to have an exhibition there.

Seeing the pieces up in the room on Monday was great. Seeing that room filled by so many people was overwhelming.  People wereMal address reading those carefully placed labels, talking with friends about pieces, laughing appropriately and….even spending!  I had quite possibly the world’s best opening speaker deliver his speech and am so grateful to him.  For everything.  Not just the speech.

The NSW Parliament Aboriginal Art Prize  was opened by Eddie Harris, a local Barkandji artist, from a talented artistic  family, who is one of the  finalists.  As well as Looking at 52sharing of himself, Eddie did everyone the great favour of introducing us to his amazing niece Chiara who, at the age of only 8 (I think) sang beautifully and spoke with such poise, dignity and assurance that many, myself included, were tearing up!

A few people have asked whether there is a sense of emptiness or a let down having finished this.  It’s funny because in a way there is more a sense that it is all part of the bigger process.  Tory Hughes and I have our Deep Play retreat at Lake Mungo in just a few weeks (Spaces available. We’d love to see you there!)  The Samunnat work continues unabated and I head back to Nepal in just over 6 weeks (and didn’t I get a shock calculating that since I was going to type just over 8 weeks!) Over the next few weeks we have many visitors coming out to say hi and see the show and I suspect I won’t really have time for a sense of emptiness. It feels like a landmark but one that is part of a rich journey, not my last shot at something!

So…thanks for your patience. Next post will be about my Travel Challenge piece and thank you to Erin for getting me started on a surprisingly addictive broken glass collecting habit!

19 thoughts on “Collected Works, Collected Family, Collected Friends

  1. Carolyn Good

    Congratulations Wendy on your wonderful exhibit. I wish Dave and I could be there to see it in person but I am so glad you are sharing it here so we could catch a glimpse. All the best to you!

  2. Lois Haultain

    How wonderful ! Thanks for sharing photos and your feelings about this truly special occasion. Just the beginning I’m sure and I wish I could have been there. Mwah!

    1. wendy Post author

      Thank you dear one! Would have been lovely but we both know how life gets! Will happily bore you with more photos!

  3. genevieve

    Wow – Wow – Wow! What an impressively huge show! Congratulations, I am so very happy for you and truly wish I could have been at the opening! (Not sure I am ready to be on a plane for that long again…quite yet anyway 😉

    I read a very good quote recently and wish I could remember it exactly but it was something like… we don’t have time for let down after an important event when are too busy looking ahead.


    1. wendy Post author

      Welcome Home Genevieve! I can’t imagine WHY you don’t want another long plane trip for a while? Maybe you are just hooked on those LOOOOONG boat trips. Thank you so much for commenting and I love that you remember quotes like me. It’s the vibe of the thing….Hugs, Wendy

    1. wendy Post author

      Hello lovely!!! Welcome to the world of posting vs lurking! EKDAM RAMRO to have you hear. Too good. Do you have a nice little regional Gallery over there? They could invite me over or something? Hugs to you and the boy.

  4. Indigo Kate

    So thrilled for you my friend and so wishing I could have been there. Sounds like a wonderful combination of special people, amazing amounts of hard work and your glorious creative talent. What’s not to love? Opening speaker looks wise and calm, if a little understated in the jewellery stakes. Hope he made a purchase. Very, very proud of you. Mwaa x

    1. wendy Post author

      Thank you dear Kate. I offered him something to wear but he declined! The mother tarted up though and looked spectacular as you can imagine. I was lucky to have a lot of patient encouragement and timely kicks in the pants. There was hard work interspersed with what I am now calling (thanks to Austin Kleon and boy do I feel a post coming on) Practising Productive Procrastination! This exhibition is the result of PRODUCTIVE PROCRASTINATION. IT was not as hard as clothing three kids for Book Week though. Hugs.

  5. Tory Hughes

    Wendy, congratulations! How exciting to hear you surrounded by well-deserved appreciation for your gorgeous work. How inspiring to see your dedication and commitment to your art, your communities both in Australia and Nepal, and your easy, loving sense of purpose. I’m so looking forward to co-teaching with you at our retreat. Most o all I want to see your show in person! So glad I’ll be able to 🙂 see you soon, my friend-

    1. wendy Post author

      Thank you dear Tory. I am very excited about our upcoming plans and dragging you around our lovely Gallery. Travel well! Ramrosanga januhos baby!

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  7. Deb Sims

    Hi Wendy! Fabulous recognition of your work here! Good for you! I will be with you and Tory in spirit as you teach and travel! Big hugs!

    1. wendy Post author

      Hello Deb! We will feel your LURVE! Thanks for dropping by and commenting. It will be amazing to actually meet Tory deface to face after all the skypes etc. Looking forward to learning more about your journey too!

    1. wendy Post author

      Oh Dayle, I wish you could too. I have just been spending wonderful times with your Creative Sparks book. Deep wisdom there Dayle! Packaged so simply at one level but such a full, generous book and such a good way to start a “play”! You and Cynthia should be very proud of it! And thank you for your comments! Hugs, from the Outback!

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