Dancing around Deadlines

Gosh I love Art Propelled.  Robyn Gordon’s blog is unfailingly inspiring and thought provoking.  I don’t subscribe (mainly as I haven’t Apron and coloursworked out how!) but I have her in my favourites bar and visit regularly.  Today, with two weeks left before Installation Day*, I am feeling a bit vulnerable and exposed.  The comparing critic voices are upping their inner chatter and I am wondering if I have been a bit silly to take this on. Robyn quoted Chogyam Trungpa in a post called Your Own Way of Looking at Things and it really resonated for me:

In order to accomplish an experience, you have to have a chance to dance with it. You have to have a chance to play, to explore. Then each style of exploration that takes place is a different manifestation, we could say. Nevertheless, it is all part of one big game.

I  haven’t been making things easy for myself.  After returning from Nepal, I decided that I would only include polymer necklaces (not those made with beads I had purchased) inBlock the Year of Necklaces installation; and that I would separate necklaces that were a collaboration with Samunnat and display them in their own area.  This meant making several necklaces to replace those that were culled (along with those polymer ones that were made during the Year challenge but not deemed art!   By the way, for some interesting thoughts on art necklaces and examples of her own beautiful work see Erin Prais-Hintz’ blog here.  Erin creates wonderful, almost narrative necklaces, often inspired by themes, or literature, and encourages others to as well. Two of her necklaces are featured in a new book Showcase Art Necklaces which sounds tempting…

Table blogI didn’t want to fall into the trap of making a necklace for the exhibition!  Usually, the creations I like best come from play and exploration, from dancing with ideas, from following through the I wonders and I didn’t want deadlines (read Indigo Kate’s gorgeous quoted deadline quote here) to send me scurrying back into a mindset I work hard to avoid.  I wanted to yield to the I wonders.  The I wonder what would happen if I did this, or pulled that, or scrunched up this.  I wonder how doing this makes a piece work; how will it sit if I do that?  Alice Stroppel is a master at the I wonders. For inspiration read her I wonder if I can combine brass buttons, rubber cord and polymer to make something interesting post and her I wonder if I can makeFloor blog something bigger and more complicated than I usually do post (Titles mine!)

I wanted to use a silk apron (called a pangden) I got in Tsarang in Upper Mustang as a source of inspiration. As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted to incorporate the fabulously coloured stripes and the technique of lining up the three panels of  fabric in different directions.  I wondered if I could do that in a piece of jewellery.  And again I am not making things easy for myself…16 different colour,s would you believe, and NOT a straightforward repetition, my wordy me no!  Here are photos of the first stages of the I wonders.  More to come!  Still, I’m having fun wondering and hearing that deadline swooshing up!

*Installation Day for my exhibition of Collected Works.  They used my Mutwintji Necklace in the publicity on the website!


11 thoughts on “Dancing around Deadlines

  1. Alice Stroppel

    Wendy, i know you know how much I love this necklace, such bright colors and so vibrant it dances. I love that you had such fun.
    I wish I could be there for your opening, I hope you take tons of pictures.
    Thanks for mentioning me and my crazy experiments. They make me smile.
    I’ve been a fan of Robyn’s for years too.

    1. Wendy Moore

      I will take photos lovely Alice and maybe even put one or two on the blog! Isn’t Robyn’s blog wonderful? And her art is magical too. I adore her totems. Thank you for swinging by!

  2. Pamela Parr

    goodluck with your exhibition,hope all your hard work pays off,
    maybe we will catch up in Nepal,not sure if you will be there the same time as me,
    if I click subscribe does that mean your I will be notified of your new blogs at present I just check out your website every so often

    1. Wendy Moore

      Hello Fellow Gypsy. I hope we can meet up Somewhere if not Nepal! Will email you about the dates I will be there. On some blogs, clicking on subscribe seems to work easily, others seem more complicated. Give it a go. I love getting your comments!

    1. Wendy Moore

      What a fantastic phrase Sabine…a creative zone that sets your hands free! Interesting how freeing the hands is so linked to freeing the mind too. And that is where I think that whole “play” thing comes in maybe? Love your cane ideas and will email you about further instructions! Thank you for dropping by!

  3. Cathy

    ohhhh delicious!!! These necklaces are DELICIOUS! I’m scared to come to this opening of yours…might have to leave the credit card at home…Your work is really brilliant and beautiful. love Cath XX

    1. Wendy Moore

      Well you know there’s one of the 52 already marked Loaned from the collection of….but don’t let that stop you! Bring that card with you baby! Thank you for always being so encouraging! Keep an eye out for the ludicrous babe!

  4. wendy Post author

    Pam, do you feel like a trip to the Outback? It’s here in Broken Hill and runs from August 12 to early October. I think. Opening night is on the 23rd. The Indigenous Art Prize is in the Main Gallery and I am upstairs. It would be LOVELY to see you but I know it’s a long way….

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