Daily Archives: July 2, 2013

My happy place

Lovely readers, this week I am sharing with you 5 things to read by other people and a few photos of my work in progress.  Life is full.

BanglesMy dad writes a thoughtful and passionate blog about nature and his most recent post about the Hero’s Journey struck a chord. I could write a whole post about how walking/ trekking can be a metaphor for life but not this week! Just read his.  Especially all you boot scooting babes who commented on my blister review bless you!

My friend  Deb has just published Dream Wheeler, a terrific read, but the piece of her writing that really got to me this week was in her blog.  She wrote about my bhai Bishnu, my younger brother, the bloke I do all the treks and trips with.  A very moving read. As an aside, we’ve decided, for several reasons, that contacting pollies here won’t help(especially in the current climate) but we are on track for next year.  Well armed!Busts

Another friend, Indigo Kate writes too and look, I would read her shopping lists she writes so well.  Her blog is a joy and this post was a highlight!  Like one I mention in a sec, very pertinent for me this week. This life.

I have had several skype calls over the past few days with the wonderful Tory Hughes and preparations for our Double Dipping: Deep Play and Creative Joy retreat in September are such fun that I am beside myself with excitement about the actual thing!!!  There is a lot of heart, energy, joy and passion going into this and I knowTriptych it will be a very special time for those who come.  Read more here and do contact me SOON if you’re interested!

I have mentioned Marianne Elliott a few times before and she has, in my humble opinion, written a cracker of a post on self care. In what has been a crazy week, a week of joys, frustrations, tears, laughter, getting stuff done for some and not getting anywhere near enough stuff done for others, this post was a winner for me.  Marianne writes of searching for the sweet spot:

the place where I take care of myself, know my limits and set up some boundaries that keep me from overstretching myself repeatedly, but without switching off my impulse to serve, to help and to create community and connection through personal sacrifice for the good of the whole. (bolding is mine!)

It is a really thoughtful post.  Here’s to the sweet spot.  Or in less foodie parlance-the happy place (which is a possible title for the triptych which I have included a tantalising detail from!)