Daily Archives: April 4, 2013

Remembering to breathe

Last night a chunk of tooth fell off, with age  – there was no crunching provocation.  So I had to add an appointment at the dentist to the Things to Do before I go to Nepal list.  Better DSCN3573here than there.  Maybe? I did get a perfectly satisfactory crown done there for a wee bit less than I would pay here. (Like one hundredth of the price!!)  But there will be NO TIME FOR CROWNS THIS TRIP!!!  I have also added running 10 kms in the Living Desert Dash on Sunday to the aforementoned list. An iconic event really and since I am in the country for it this year, I want to make the most of the chance!  And they didn’t tell me we ran UP to the sculptures-twice- until after I’d paid my money!

The Samunnat Etsy shop has been updated and is being readied for caretaker management. I don’t want to close it while I am away thisDSCN3579 time so am making it easy to run* and am working out how to make it worth the caretaker’s time?  He already has plenty of khukri knives.  I will have to ask him before he reads this post too I guess. Some great new things in the shop and we are so encouraged that the Art Gallery at Broken Hill and the lovely Art Vault keep on keeping on with sales!

Read the latest Colourful Journey posts here, here and here.  The deeply grateful responses of the ladies to the money raised by Ron Lehocky, Cynthia Tinapple and several hundred polymer artists in the US including the gorgeous Melanie West who donated a necklace to be auctioned.  The necklace is about to travel (initially in the company of DSCN3574Christi Friesen  who writes about it here ) and apparently will have its own Facebook page!  I will post more about that on the Colourful Journey blog soon!

Yesterday in the wee small hours for her and at a very sensible time for me, the fabulous Tory Hughes and I talDSCN3578ked excitedly about our event planned for September this year.  If you are up for an amazing time in a wonderful location (Lake Mungo and Wentworth) contact me and I will put you on our mailing list for more details.  To get an idea of what lies ahead read about some of the retreats Tory runs in the States.  For us here? Four days of inspiration, wisdom, creating, immersion in great landscapes, and food cooked by some one else!

And I leave you with some (I hope tantalising) snaps of a work in progess. I think I will call it What was I thinking? ObviouslyDSCN3577 I do not have any intention of finishing it before I go but would like it to be done for the Exhibition. Also possibly to be renamed What the Bloody Hell was I Thinking?

*I can do everything else but the posting babe!  And once a week will be fiiiiine!