Upcycled Display Stand

DSCN3548I am still mourning the loss of the tip shop. (If anyone is interested in the tender to the Broken Hill Tip Shop, please contact the Council.  At least two of us are suffering severe scavenging withdrawal symptoms!)  I’m having to rely on my stash which shows the wisdom of having a stash doesn’t it?  Inspired by my daughter who blogs about creative storage and organisation (and occasionally about incredibly cute goldenDSCN3555 labrador puppies and aren’t we all excited!!??) and by the amazing Marlene Brady who has excelled herself with her revolving jewellery stand here, I decided (read: was driven by necessity) to work something out for displaying the Samunnat ladies’ shisha bracelets.

It is nowhere near as magnificent as Marlene’s, but it does make use of tip finds , rolls from paper towels and my beloved lokta paper-the Nepali paper made from daphne bark.  I have three of these stands now and a very unattractive metal mug holder that also serves as a shisha display stand.  My life has been somewhat dominated by plaster and papier mache of late but progress is being made.  I am having to accept that I won’t get all I wanted donw before I leave but in the spirit of enough, I am happy enough with what is happening!

More soon.

6 thoughts on “Upcycled Display Stand

  1. Deb Hunt

    Oh how I miss that emporium of delight on a patch of red earth under a blue sky. Wendy if you want some help with bust making I’m around over Easter x

    1. Wendy Moore

      You were the other one with withdrawal symptoms obviously! If my dealer comes through I’ll take your busty offer up with alacrity! Hugs, Wendy

  2. Pamela Parr

    we had a wonderful tip too once upon a time we even had a layby section where one could leave things and come back with a ute if nessasary,r0lls of wire old doors dont fit to well in a sedan,but now the council in their wisdom has erected an 8ft fence,a large padlocked gate and security cameras and restricted our acces to 2 days a week under the watch full eye of a paid tip manager,heaven forbid if you should try to retrive something from the trench,when travelling Russ & I used to love to fossick in the tips in country towns but that is becoming a thing of the past,ah well its progress they tell us ! ! !

    1. Wendy

      It is sad that even in country towns you can’t fossick at tips. All the art I am making at the moment is using tip finds in some form or other. I still always look in the Lifeline shops or the Red Cross shops because you never know…..

  3. Marlene Brady

    Where else can I get up in the morning and learn two new words “fossick” and “alacrity” and see my name in lights but on your blog? Thank you for all the compliments; you are too kind.

    1. Wendy Moore

      Hello gorgeous Marlene and thank you so much for visiting! I LOVE your blog, get great delight from your approach which is so excited and exploratory! You approach your art with alacrity! I loved the bead weaving and am now enjoying the ribbon embroidery and just marvel at how you make time to do it all! So well! Hugs from here, and thank you again for dropping in! Wendy

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