Mutawintji revisited…..again

Here it is. There are a few variations on the theme but this is it for now.DSCN3417


8 thoughts on “Mutawintji revisited…..again

  1. cathy bucolo

    ah Wendy-didi, this is dherai sundari. Well done! I feel like I’m in the Aussie bush just looking at it…I can almost smell the eucalypt. Can’t smell the goats poo though…hey, it’s MY fantasy ok?!! love Cath XX

    1. Wendy

      Dhanyabad bahini. Wouldn’t it be fun if it DID smell of eucalyptus? Mmmmm. Hugs from Adelaide and long email sooooon!

  2. Wendy Cole

    Just gorgeous Wendy. It transports me to the ancient places!!! And congratulations on being included in the “holy grail polymer blog”. Love, Wendy C

    1. Wendy

      I am so glad there was a sense of those ancient places dear Wendy. It’ss so strong at Mutawintji. BTW, you’d have been proud of your boy last night. What a powerful, challenging, strong show it was. It’s staying with me which is a good sign I think. I find myself recalling vignettes and pondering them.

  3. Bek

    Gorgeous mum. Even if one of the elements does represent goat poo! Very earthy of you 🙂 Have you worn this one around the Hill?

    1. Wendy

      I wore it on the drive home from Adelaide. Just to check it sat nicely. You know how it is. It sat nicely! I may wear it it the St. Pat’s Races??? Unless I find time to make horses or shamrocks…

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