When worlds collide

I’m not  over Emerald yet.DSCN3399

I am mindfully postponing the traditional Monday post for a day or two. It’s all in my head (it’s all about my Training the Elephant tiles and how things are going there) but something else has come up.  And I’m blaming Polymer Clay Daily.  Again.

A few days ago, that wretched Cynthia Tinapple posted a picture of this gorgeous necklace by Natalja Ivankovo, a Belaslovak artist (she explains this in her blog and here is another shot of her necklace with matching earrings.)  I loved it and immediately my head was spinni1001 Forget me nots.jpg largeng with possible applications for Natalja’s technique.

It’s a style I’ve loved for a while. It reminds me of traditional Rai necklaces where large beads are separated by discs of red felt.  When we lived in Nepal, I made the rainbow one below and a version using sewing machine bobbins (a mere rupee or two each in Nepal). The trouble with the latter was that I nearly gave myself a neck injury wearing it.

Cynthia and I have both played around with shisha, especially in Nepal (Exif_JPEG_PICTUREand she has a whole Pinterest board of shisha here). I could easily imagine a shisha version of the forget me nots!  Looking carefully at Natalja’s necklace (as Cynthia had instructed here) I realised that the bobbin effect could be acheived with significantly less weight!  I’ve used some of my emerald canes and gold leaf in the latest version!  And am itching to try other ideas.

DSCN3401It feels so nice to wear.  It sits very well (great idea Natalja), is really comfortable and moves so nicely. Wouldn’t you know, I have a skirt in JUST THE RIGHT GREEN (I come from the wait until it comes back in fashion school) so may just get the chance to pop it on now and then.  It’s been a fun collision of ideas from Slovakia, the US, Nepal and outback Australia.  In the next one I make….I’m bringing out the tiny mirrors!!!!

10 thoughts on “When worlds collide

  1. Deb Hunt

    Beautiful necklace Wendy! And what a dork I am, I kept wondering why you hadn’t blogged recently and discovered your past three blogs in my RSS (never knew I had one)

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  3. genevieve

    So you just was the inspiration necklace last week and have used the idea to make you own already? I tell you, I need your energy.
    Its a striking necklace (as is Natalja’s) and I love to see artists take ideas but make them all their own!

    1. wendy Post author

      I can get a tiny bit driven Genevieve. Just sometimes. I really needed this time to play though. It is fun seeing all the takes on an idea! Emailing you today!

  4. Sabine Spiesser

    Wendy, that’s so beautiful. I love it ! Love it !!!!!! I can see a new trend. Check out Donna Kato’s new necklace. Debbie Crothers had it on her facebook page. She’ll be teaching it in WA. Her’s is more African. It’s so cool to see them with such a multitude sources of inspirations. I love the exuberance in your work and am waiting for the one with mirrors. I have so many bobbins, who will want them now 😉

    1. wendy Post author

      Must have a look at this Sabine! I love that word exuberant so am thrilled you see it in the necklace. I’ll send you a photo of mirrored versions! Don’t get rid of those bobbins….so so much potential still!

    1. wendy Post author

      Lovely to see you here Lee Ann! They are quite addictive. I have to say! Have fun with your beads.

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