Monday, Monday

I was tempted to make a mindful arrangement of Ron Lehocky’s lovely gifts to the ladies of Samunnat as it has been a hectic time I am on the move again.   But it would have been cheating really.  So my mindful (ahem…) arrangement today is of some newly created beads and some tools of the trade, reflectiDSCN3357ng my hope that although not in my studio, I will use them productively in the next few days.

When I was a little girl, Emerald Green was my favourite colour. As an adolescent, I developed a  passionate and enduring attachment to violet/ purple/ jade/ magenta which made me somewhat predictable, albeit easy to shop for, for the several decades.  Now, you can’t pin me down.  I am a veritable rainbow.

But back to Emerald Green.  Pantone has declared it the colour of the year and I decided to embracExif_JPEG_PICTUREe that at some point in my art.  I’ve made these beads which I hope to string together in a necklace in one of my favourite styles…could I call it my signature style?  A completed version, shown in red, black and white, always prompts comments and I have promised people I will make more. Maybe soon, I can post a photo of the completed piece!

Carolyn Good creates polymer clay colour recipes (and the ladies of Samunnat bless her!) for all the Pantone colours and shows her own gorgeous creations using those colours. As part of a FlickR Group called 12 Polymer Projects in 2013 I’ve challenged myself to create 12 pieces that incorporate one or more of this year’s colours.  (It’s a bit less daunting than a necklace per week!)  I’ve done this partly because some of this year’s colours are not colours I usually work with and I thought this would stretch me a bit.  Using Emerald Green is not such a stretch.

photoThis weekend, my main activity has been happily writing thank you emails to some incredibly generous polymer artists all over the world and packaging bracelets we’ve sold from the Samunnat etsy shop.  Read why here on the Colourful Journey blog to learn what Cynthia Tinapple and Ron Lehocky have done now!

4 thoughts on “Monday, Monday

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  2. Carolyn Good

    I love the black white and red necklace Wendy! It is so exotic looking yet looks very “wearable”. It makes me happy that you and the ladies of Samunnat are enjoying the color recipes as well as the Pantone colors. I have as much fun sharing them as I do mixing them up! Please send my love to the ladies and can’t wait to see some things made in those new colors!

    Carolyn & Dave Good

    1. Wendy

      Deb, Carolyn and Dave,
      With a bit of luck and good management, I hope to post the Emerald version of the red necklace in the next couple of days. Thanks for your lovely comments!


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