Let there be (lead) light

My mindful arrangements of things on Mondays was, in part, inspired by the joy Mal's treewe have had in rediscovering things that have been in storage for over seven years.  I am not the only one with a driven creative energy in the house and it was wonderful to unpack these lovely leadlights and to discover them (relatively) inatct.  A testimony toTibetan men fabulous packaging I must say.  They now hang in their new sun drenched home and we are really enjoying them.

I love the two old Tibetan blokes and we are careful to arrange them so that they can continue there conversation while the young ones ride their horses DSCN3226and practise their archery.

The other wonderful thing is that the leadlight making gear was unpacked and bought over too so the resident glass artist is rediscovering his leadlighting skills. Without too much bloodshed.DSCN3227

The other reason I chose these for the week is that my Training the Elephant practice this week is to expand my awareness of light in all its forms, bright and dim, direct and reflected.  How good are DSCN3229these for prompting me to do that?  Maybe I can enlist the artist to make me a leadlight mindfulness tile….

2 thoughts on “Let there be (lead) light

  1. EmilyClare

    “expand my awareness of light in all its forms, bright and dim, direct and reflected” a practice for all of us I think, intentionally taking in the beauty of light in the everyday places; especially for me in the heart of winter (european at that) I find myself often overcome with the dark and dullness of the days; but today I am going to focus on the light when it comes, and savour it! And yes of course, such beauty led-lights Wendy, you are such a skilled artist xx

    1. wendy Post author

      Oh lovely Emily I would LOVE to take credit for the lead lights but Mal did them! Before we left for Nepal he did quite a lot and, in fact, his beautiful leadlight windows in our old hosuse were some of the things I was most sad to leave. It has been so fun to get these small ones out again and hang them up. I am thinking of the three of you in Winter. A tough time methinks! Hoping that there are lovely light filled moments for you to share. Here we are very dsun-drenched! I wish we could share a moment or two.


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