A photo for Ruby and the Word of the Year

Aaaaah.  (That’s a relaxed and contented sigh).  It’s been a good week of being a bit still, starting some things, beginning to finish others and doiDSCN3172ng some planning.  I have a list. (Yes, yes, yes. Some of you are rolling on the floor laughing as you wonder if that needed to be said but my list is a gentle, kind one.  Or three.  Or so.  They are flexible and evolving….like me.  And they are on my Christmas iPad!)

The shawl wearing, tambourine weilding, impressively breasted polymer mermaid to the right was unearthed in PP’s recently relocated leadlight box (of all places!) today!  She must be at least 10 years old, if not older and reveals an early face cane AND my early mermaid efforts!  There’s a kind of bolshie spiritedness about her that I like!  Even if she’s a bit rough around the edges.  Ruby, I hope you like her too!!! (Ruby’s favourite necklace for the year included a later mermaid bead seen here).

It hasn’t all been polymer nostalgia and I have been doing some eDSCN3173njoyable polymer procrastination…making some little tools for myself.  Something I’ve wanted to do for ages and ultimately an activity that was a lot less scary than seriously working on exhibition pieces. I justify this procrastinatory behaviour as it is the weekend and I have been working hard on exhibition stuff (but more of that another day.)

I have chosen my word for the year and what an ironic word it is for me.  Unlike other years, I didn’t select a word from a short list of options.  This one just seemed so abundantly the one when I was pondering the topic on our long driveDSCN3175 home, that it was obviously the one to run with.  There’s some black humour in a seriously deaf woman choosing listen as her word of the year.  But 2013 has a lot happening…and that is not including the many things I don’t know about yet!  Heeding the wisdom of my word will mean that I don’t just rush headfirst into a mad frenzy of doing and worrying and panicking.  It means taking time and making the effort to listen…to my heart, my body, my creativite inner voice, my family and friends, my environment, my world. For me more than most, listening means being still and quiet, very attentive, blocking out other noise, focussing on the voice and watching.  If I am to hear, I have to really listen.  Having a listening attitude will be good practice for this year.

I am intently listening out to see what my friend Cath and her committee will declare as the UN Word/ Thought of the Year. Last year was comfortable knickers (among other things) if you recall.  No pressure Cath….


6 thoughts on “A photo for Ruby and the Word of the Year

  1. Ruby

    to Wendy
    I love love love that mermaid picture
    you sent to me. I think it is great as.
    i can’t believe you made it.
    The patterns are beautiful.

    love from ruby Xxx Ooo

    1. wendy Post author

      So glad you love this one! Maybe you and Isobel can make some mermaids and sent me the photos. You know how to make lots of these patterns! We can make a mermaid gallery!

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