Packing, unpacking

I calculated that I have spent 12 whole days here in the Hill in the last 4 months.  This explains the exuberance with which I tossed my battered red suitcase up on a high shelf for three months rest.  And it explains a certain sense of needing to get off the bus!

The travelling has been fantastic and it was wonderful to catch up with family on our travelling road show.  Not so many friends as we’d have liked because when we were down south we were engaged in a fascinating archaelogical activity called sorting out stuff that has been in storage under the house for 7 years.  Ah how we laughed.

We culled, culled and reculled. We kept some things, but usually took photos and liberated stuff – often to the tip.  Our lovely Jen said, when I was sad about farewelling some things, Don’t worry, you have the memories for ever.  Not totally confident about that at my age baby!  Still, we are practised at the downsizing and it was a good thing to do.  Some non-culled things will be incorporated into art works and others will inspire revisiting favourite themes!

Here are some photos of some of my early artistic endeavours (my parents saved the painting and drawings) and a few of the earliest polymer ladies.  I hope 2013 will be the year of getting back to making my girls!  With a tad more refinement than these dames.

Even if it only contains the things I know about, 2013 will be a busy year so when I can, I hope to engage in a practice that acknowledges the busyness, enforces some stillness and celebrates the rediscovery of some treasured things.  This will be my Mindful Monday Montage!  Every Monday I hope to arrange some treasured things, some long hidden in boxes, take a photo and do some quiet reflecting.  (Anything that gets me quietly reflecting this year will be a bonus!!!) Here’s last weeks and tomorrow I will post this Monday’s. Already catching up but blame travel!

More soon, including the traditional ponder about my word for the year (but it will be an untraditionally short ponder!)  I will announce the necklace winner in February so you still have until the end of January to make your favourite necklace comment.  Be brave. While it’s fine to email me, why not make it on the post!  See here about that little offer!

4 thoughts on “Packing, unpacking

  1. Margaret Higgins

    I just love a good story. It takes me to a new place. That’s what I like about your polymer art. Each piece has a story, and I feel privileged to know much of the background that comes with many of the pieces. But, although it was hard to choose, I’ve decided to give top marks to your Oceanic Reflection (40), so many strands, so many memories of places, people, times and moods are combined to reveal this beautiful necklace which you must love wearing.

    1. wendy Post author

      Hello darling Margie. I am looking at it now trying to feel cool. And hoping that conditions tomorrow will not be as bad as feared. MWAA.

  2. Jen Moore

    So that was why you were taking photos of all the items you were culling…just incase you needed a gentle reminder of your past!

    1. wendy Post author

      Yes. And I am sure some will inspire new work. As well as a few good laughs. Thank you again for all your help darling girl.


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