Daily Archives: December 22, 2012

Music, Coffee and a travel tip

Much of this week has been spent getting ready some beads for our Kazuri order.  Yes, I am now back in Australia but due to the vicissitudes of the Nepali postal system, we decided that it might help if I made some of the coffee beads for our order and a couple of other bits and pieces.  I wore Nepali clothes and used Nepali coffee and you would really not be able to tell that they weren’t made in the old country!

Speaking of the old country, here is a travel tip for you: in our coffee beads, we use the wonderful Machhapuchhre Flying Bird Coffee grown organically on the slopes above the beautiful Begnas Tal.  And should you be wondering about a truly magnificent place to visit on your next trip to Nepal, wonder no more!  Spend some time with the delightful Lamjal family at their little lodge.  It must be said that if your happiness depends on an en suite in your room (or, to be perfectly honest, even within spitting distance) this may not be quite the place for you.  But if you are looking for a simple, tranquil place in spectacular surroundings where you will be treated like family and fed like a king, then just go!  It is about an hour east of Pokhara and in my humble opinion, so so much nicer!

But back to the beads.  While I made my coffee beads (and there were a good few to make which will explain the absence of any Christmas preparation this year) and my amber beads (see below) I caught up on some music!!!  I have been reading Nick Hornby’s 31 Songs -a great read- and he talked about a song called One Man Guy that was written by Loudon Wainwright and covered by two of his talented kids, Martha and Rufus.  I wanted to hear it after Nick’s rave and so had a little search as I blended my coffees.  I found the whole family singing the song gorgoeusly here and then wandered off in cyberspace to hear Martha singing Nick Cave’s Ship Song.  This is a favourite song, and brings back very special memories of loving friends.  So then I began a little Ship Song wander with lovely aural results.  Here’s another version of this song by the amazing Amanda Palmer (more of her and associated wandering in another post!)  and would you believe there is a whole project about this song.  It was performed at the Sydney Opera House and would have been amazing to watch.

Anyhow, one thing led to another and before you knew it, I was getting all goosebumpy listening to this little double act!  And making my coffee beads.  The photos show some of the efforts of my labours which are now winging their way to the ol’ US of A!  I’ll post more, sooner than you’d believe, including a photo of the 2012’s penultimate (using the term loosely) necklace! MWAA.

I plan to post again before Christmas but I also planned to send cards and hand make little decorations for people and that never happened so, just in case, have a great Christmas.  I hope you enjoyed the musical interlude!