Bodacious Babes

I must confess to not feeling particularly bodacious myself.  I am a tiny bit knackered (I have just checked and this is not swearing!). So much has been happening for Samunnat and it has required lots of thinking/ planning/ doing/ teaching/ experimenting/ milaune-ing for all of us.  And I find it a bit hard to switch off my thinking/ planning/ doing/ experimenting brain at the best of times.  And feeling so amazingly excited is also a bit tiring.  Very soon we will be announcing the source of all this amazed excitement on the Samunnat blog but we are looking at a partnership that has enormous potential for the ladies and we are beside ourselves!!!

Anyway, the bodacious babes referred to in the subject of this post are the magnificent dummies (but I can’t call them that any more and from hereon in will refer to them as models) and some Argentinian lovelies!

First the girls from Dulabari.  And can I just say that their formidable assets became even more impossibly formidable as they got lacquered? Rather than knackered!  We all were quite stunned with them (the assets) and really felt that they’d need a blouse in public.  We had a funny moment or two comparing our own assets with theirs and there were significant structural differences for which we were all grateful really!  But they do their modelling job nicely and we have had a ball being stylists to get our office ready for the visiting throngs.  (Well the 8 Australians coming through for the Colourful Journey).  The ladies wrote about it here and there are some better photos of the models.

The other bodacious babes are some vibrant and gorgeous ladies from Argentina.  When one of my two magnificent girls (more bodacious babes come to think of it) was travelling in Argentina, she bought me back a sensational bag.  (The photo shows me with the collected loot of a very special birthday where I was thoroughly spoilt with some really thoughtful and beautiful gifts!  I’d just got back from a Nepal trip and it was a very wonderful homecoming!)

 I adore my bag and would be a very wealthy woman if I had a dollar for every time someone commented on it.  It is just one of those things that make me smile.  And that makes other people smile.  Thanks to the patient efforts of that Spanish speaking daughter, I was recently able to contact the lovely Graciela Fuenzalida, and get another one.  Or so. To share for the collective bag benefit of mankind.  Or not.  I haven’t seen them live yet but my mum and dad showed me by Skype!  The joys of modern technology.  When it works.
Very soon, some of Graciela’s work will be available from Flourish Arts of Birchgrove because Robin, the curator of that gorgeous treasure trove, was one of the people who loved my original bag.  She jumped at the chance to get some when I did and her bags are en route to Australia as I speak!
So, that’s it for now.  Be bodacious, not knackered.

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