#38 Welkering on

A flurry of catch up posts prior to heading off!

Part of getting ready to go back to Nepal is the preparation of samples, possible designs for beads and jewellery and mixing colours to add to our Colour Compendium…our Bible of colour recipes that we use thanks to the generosity of Carolyn and Dave Good who devised a system that gave us a way to organise our burgeoning file of colour swatches.  And a a result I had a lot of little bits of colour!

Polymer addicts would well be familiar with the talented Bettina Welker of Germany.  She was featured by Cynthia Tinapple a while back on PCD and created a flurry of excitement with her Retro Pixelated Cane – the result of her mathematical mind and experiments and play with her extruder.

So, in a moment when I needed a bit more direction for my addled mind, I made my pixelated cane and had a wonderful play!  Several pendants and a pair of earrings later I was way less addled.  I also made a couple of bracelets incorporating the cane and using techniques I’d learned from Melanie Muir’s great Craftcast class.  She’s a gem.  It was a fabulous class.

Interestingly, the yellow looked more green due the proximity of the black but I liked the colours.  As did my sister who apparently wore the earring and necklace set I made her three days running.  A woman after my own heart!

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