Daily Archives: September 21, 2012

#37 The Coral Necklace

It’s called The Coral Necklace because of the little lady in the middle wearing her own special coral necklace.   But it could just have easily been called I did mean to clean the bathroom.  Sometimes, though, you just have to get your priorities right and we weren’t going to die from a bit of scum around the taps were we?

This necklace features a number of my current obssessions.  While it does not incorporate Lindt Sea Salt chocolate or Cryptic crosswords, it does make use of faux ivory, faux turquoise and a few of those Cucuteni inspired babes I mentioned a while back.  The turquoise was a piece made with a technique from a Tory Hughes DVD.  A reasonably time consuming one but well worth the effort in my opinion.  I had made a couple of doughnut shapes and was waiting for the right piece to use them in.

The tiny coral necklace is made from Nepali pote beads (seed beads) from the warehouse in Dharan.  I will have to restock when we call in again on November’s Colourful Journey.  The orange discs are luscious howlite discs from Bead Them Up in Sydney.  A great place when you can’t get to Kathmandu or Dharan.

I was nervous about drilling a hole in it so tried a few alternatives to see if I could avoid that, and then really liked how it looked when the middle lady was able to nestle in with her necklace.  (Not hang!  She’s not choking!).  It sits well too and I made my bracelet/ extender bit so it can be worn at two lengths.  And of course, earrings.