Three luscious links

I have to be very careful when I wander off down blog alley.  I can get SOOO distracted.

But, when I am selective and lucky, I can get so energised, encouraged, inspired and challenged.

Here’s a few links that delighted me in the last few days:

I first heard of Erin Prais Hintz in PCD here when Cynthia Tinapple wrote about this bracelet Erin made using Cynthia’s gorgeous shisha beads, the ones she taught to the ladies in Nepal.  She creates wonderful pieces and recently had a post on the Challenge of Travel where she encouraged artists to create pieces inspired by aparticular country that they researched.  Erin’s post was wonderful and the pieces she made were gorgeous.  The colours of the necklace were so evocative and made me think of all the wonderful saris and kurtha surwhals the ladies wear in Birtamod.  When I am there, one of the joys is wearing these gorgeous things!  There is such an openness to colour and the years living in Nepal cured me for ever of my Purple Only Patch.  (Which had gone on a bit really!)  So that is link number one, Erin’s blog…lovely things.

The second link, Robyn Gordon’s blog Art Propelled is an old favourite.  I love Robyn’s writing AND her art.  I was particularly interested in the piece in this photo called The Story of an African Quilt   .  I am thinking about how I will ultimately assemble my Mindfulness Tiles, so I am interested to read about how others put together similar assemblages.  Her use of the word tinkering struck a chord.  Tinkering can give birth to so much.  It is in the tinkering stages that I am repeatedly scribbling ideas down.  But for some reason, starting the tinkering can be something I put off, or undervalue.  Because she is thoughtful and wise, Robyn clarifies those elements of the creative process and encourages you to persist with them.

It was through Robyn’s blog that I discovered the work of an Australian artist, Sophie Munns.  Robyn quotes Sophie who says:

I really do prefer to give ideas time to surface…and I need to work repetitively with impulses to make them part of my vocabulary or language…a way has to be found into the rhythm that works..quite simply.

So many wonderful thoughts about the process of creativity in that short comment…allowing ideas to surface, working repetitively with impluses, developing a vocabulary or language.  Sophie’s work is an Homage to Seeds and her blog is a joy.  Looking at the piece photographed, Rainforest seeds: cross sectioned, you could think I was in a bit of a little squares phase….just tinkering, allowing stuff to surface, developing my vocabulary.

Tinker on!


1 thought on “Three luscious links

  1. Erin Prais-Hintz

    What a pleasant surprise! I am honored that you would choose to reference my blog, and I will reiterate that I am delighted that I hit the nail on the head for my Nepal challenge! I really want to travel there now! These other blogs are full of wonder. I will be bookmarking them as well. Enjoy the day, Miss Wendy!


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