Daily Archives: September 9, 2012

The Elephant Project – an update

Creating the tiles for the mindfulness activities I read about each week certainly adds a dimension to the practices.  Some times it takes the week (or more!) of practising and reflecting to know how to represent a particular practice in polymer.  Sometimes the image comes quickly (like the leopard skin stilettos for Silly Walking). 



Some images will be easy for others to interpret – like the red feet for being aware of the souls of your feet. Others, like the coral textured tile to remind me to reflect on how I defend and define myself, are more obscure.  As I look at my slowly growing collection though, I am encouraged in the project and aware that small changes are happening. Even when I feel they are VERY small.  I know that I am more gentle with myself when I realise that my monkey mind has wandered off. I can gently and even affectionately bring it back to the moment I have in front of me.  It helps.