Daily Archives: September 6, 2012

Finished stuff

It just felt wrong putting my finished stuff with Ben Quiltys finished stuff (see the last post to make any sense of this comment).

But I have finished some of the myriad of things mentioned in earlier posts and wanted to GET THAT OUT THERE to the two or three reading!

I love my flags and will make some more…one day.  I was also very happy with didi/ bahini (big sister/ little sister) who added a certain je ne sais quois to the gazebo.  Darling Kopila said she cried when she saw the photo.  They certainly attracted a lot of attention including a visit from Broken Hill’s latest arrivals from the sub continent (that makes 6 I think) who saw the girls and the Nepali flag and crossed khukri knives and Namasted as they approached.  Felt like I was at home!

We had a long chat about the good old days as Sandeep hailed from a town near the Indo-Nepali border and knew of BPKIHS where MJM had worked.  (And blow me down, if there isn’t a working website for the place now!!!)

I have also completed some necklaces.  Gosh we’d be at um….#32, #33 and #34 I think.  (Could even be ahead of myself now…such is mania).  I know some of you lie awake at night wondering if I’ll manage this ambitious task.  Hanging in there…

I finished one of my ivory shard necklaces.  I used one of my much loved Tibetan printing blocks to create the texture and experiemented with many accompanying beads. It is really important for me that necklaces feel nice on and I didn’t want shards flipping!  I mean really, how would we live with flipping shards?  So ultimately what worked best in terms of looks and comfort, were some very simple, coral coloured howlite heishi beads.  Rather than any of the complex things I tried at first.  Mmmmm….something in that for all of us I think.

One thing led to another and a bracelet called to be re-imagined with some other bits and pieces.  When I say called I mean that now I have my polishing machine I AM LIKE A WOMAN WHO HAS DIED AND GONE TO HEAVEN.

It is quite nice.  I quite like it.  I polish every now and then and have re-imagined the laundry.  Amazing how one machine can lead to so much re-imagining.

I re-imagined a pendant I made while doing the magnificent Melanie Muir’s Craftcast class.  It got polished to within an inch of its very nearly very short life and looked better than I thought it would.  She did say that…

Anyone would think I had a thing about coral and turquoise.

I even re-polished previously polished things because they got so much bloody shinier.  I know I will get over it. I already have actually and now see polishing as part of the journey rather than the journey itself but it does make the journey easier.  Polished surfaces have their place just as textured unpolished surfaces do.  I mean the Dremel was fiiiine.  But the machine is soooo good.

Where was I?