The WOMAD (World of Music and Dance) Festival in Adelaide is always a colourful, vibrant  and wonderful event.  The music, the ambience, the good natured crowd.  And we are meeting up with friends from various places which is fun.

I wish I was brave enough to ask crowd members if I could take photos of their jewellery!  There is SO MUCH to see. And it is hard to get photos of the musicians.   The African musicians in particular wear magnificent stuff.   Last night Dobet Gnahore from the Ivory Coast mesmerised the crowd with her singing and dancing.  And one crowd member was also mesmerised by her jewellery!

My friend Tim surprised us with his jewellery made from recycled toothbrushes!  I’ll need to check that shop out!

2 thoughts on “WOMAD

  1. Cathy

    Wow- very cool bracelets aren’t they?! I wonder if your next creation will have an African feel…
    As I read your blog about WOMAD and see the photo, I repeat this mantra in my mind- jealousy is a curse…jealousy is a curse…jealousy is a curse…ENJOY Wend! Bashnuhos, love Cath XX

    1. Wendy Moore

      I am SURE there will be an African flavour to future creations! The first “ladies” I made were inspired by the fabrics of African and I feel some more coming on. Get there next year Cath. You’d love it!


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