Standardising Pasta machines

It may not sound like the most fascinating activity to write about and it was a long, somewhat tedious activity but  well worth doing.  Truth be told, I was having a bit of a moment so doing a good organisational, classificational activity helped! 

Inspired by my own varied collection of pasta machines and upcoming classes (I needed to have some consistency across brands when giving instructions) and Maggie Maggio’s wonderful call to standardisation arms, I have carefully measured and noted the thicknesses of clay produced by each of my pasta machines and collated a kind of basic THICK/ MEDIUM/ THIN standard.  Some had thicknesses from 0 to 9, others from 1 to 10 and one (highly unrecommended for polymer clay but on special at the time – Jamie Oliver’s) has no real thick setting and is numbered backwards compared to the others.  So now, they are all labelled and I hope this makes life easier. It would be marvellous if polymer artists internationally used consistent measurements for pasta machine thickness.  Grab your self a ruler, your pasta machine/s and get organised! 


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  1. Ponderer

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