Laughter…the best medicine?

Behind this mundane blogular exterior, so much has been happening!

I rarely use colours straight from the pack so preparing for classes entails a huge amount of mixing!  Yet again I rejoiced in my DREAM machine (was that a Christmas present for myself or a 50th birthday present????  Can’t remember now but boy, it was a good one).  Yesterday’s class was the Citrus Celebration and what a juicy, jolly lot they all looked leaving the class wearing their creations.  I am getting regulars now and the lovely Rosalind told me I was her secret sin which may be the first time I have been that for someone!  Soon I will post photos from the class and I can guarantee one of some earrings that may well drive you to drink….

I am also incredibly excited/ terrified/ overwhelmed/delighted etc to be contributing a chapter to an upcoming polymer book.  Say no more but BOY am I beside myself.  Strap yourselves down.

I confirmed this week that I’m getting deafer than ever which is a real bummer and may have to be acknowledged with some wild earrings…working through that one.  Makes for theatrical and merry classes though.  The ladies yesterday handled the situation which great aplomb.

I did make this week’s necklace – a very simple one using resin and lovely square silver beads that I have had for a LONG time.  I may feel a need to veer away from simplicity momentarily (oh well, yes, I did didn’t I but will post that later!)





I have written before about my Word of the Year. My friend Cath contributes to my thinking in this regard with her annual Declaration of the Year.  Cath and a wise committee come up with their declaration and circulate it, reminding people of last year’s intention at the same time.  This year they decreed that 2012 is the Year of:

  • starting where you are (thanks Pema);
  • revelling in your imperfection (thanks Brene); and
  • wearing undies that make you feel great.

All very worthy but didn’t that last declaration get the girls going??!!  Four thousand, six hundred and seventy nine odd emails later, we are still workshopping this.  There have been the arguments pro and anti (undies altogether), discussions about different types and fittings, psychological issues related to undies and undie fittings, travel tips and there was even the suggestion of an undie quilt.  Can you believe one crazy woman suggested an undie charm bracelet?  Anyway, assuming limited Monsoonal readership, I am confessing here about my undie earrings.  I sent them to Cath and swore her to secrecy about their authorship, but faithful Monsooners now know that they did indeed spring from my tragic mind.  In the spirit of MY Word for the Year – Laughter (and apologetically revelling in my photographic imperfections) I present aural undies.  One for each day of the week including Y fronts for the bloke in your life:


4 thoughts on “Laughter…the best medicine?

  1. cathy bucolo

    Dearest Wendy,
    I…am…speechless… what can I say? My hope for the world is to see women everywhere wearing undie earrings that make them smirk and giggle with delight, whilst simulatenously wearing undies that make them feel GREAT!
    You are truly wonderful! I haven’t received them yet but CANNOT WAIT!!! love Cath XX

  2. wendy Post author

    We’ll blame the Broken Hill mail Cath! Sorry you saw this before the real things. My favourites were the French knickers.

    1. Cathy

      The undie earrings have arrived! I LOVE them and can’t wait to wear them to work tomorrow. How to choose? I am partial to the candy coloured striped ones…but the french ones are very cute…but then I really like the blue boxers…but the metalic grey ones are really gorgeous earrings…the…’less than full’ underpants are probably not really suitable for brain injury rehab…the y fronts may send the wrong message! Thank you thank you! I might have to share them with others. love Cath XX

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