What was I thinking?

When I first began travelling regularly to Birtamod to work with the ladies, I was rather taken with the portrait of a lady used to advertise Shakti (Strong) Cement.  Ads are painted on the sides of houses and buildings and your dwelling can proudly extol the virtues of a wide variety of things like Chakkaa Chakkaa Boom Boom snacks, Blue Riband Scotch Whiskey or Gill Marry Gin.  If  the frequency of the ad is a guide, Gill Marry is apparently the ad to have. You could have Berger Paints, LG or many others.  They were the Nepali equivalent of bill boards. 

I told Kopila about this face and wanted to find it again, but she was rather mystified by my descriptions until we stumbled on the ad, finally tracking it down to the side of a hardware shop (appropriately) on the Sanischare Road.  I explained to her that I had used this face as a guide for the face on our bahini beads and she was delighted because this was the goddess Durga – a good strong woman if there ever was one.  I always thought she’d be a good tapestry or something and had made a water colour sketch of her. Just as well, because she was replaced with a rather unimaginative ad for rubber flip flops soon after I painted her.

For some reason I decided she’d be a good micro mosaic this week.  And she may well be, but it will be a wee while until I know for sure.  Slow process.  Here’s the progress to date!


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