A successful recycling run

Yes indeed, it was a good recycling run on Friday.  And I pretty much followed my bring back less than you took out rule.  It depends whether you are looking at weight or volume to some extent. 

I am always on the look out for potential display stands and got these for literally next to nothing.  The photo on the left shows them in their raw state.  In the right photo, you can see that I have already started covering the globey one (what on earth was that?) and added the cardboard roll.  Just a tip: What doesn’t look like a lot of alfoil on the nearly empty roll may in fact be quite a lot.  Anyway, here they are ready for transformation:







Eventually they will be covered with Nepali lokta (daphne) paper and used for bangle display something like this one.

And I mentioned teapots a while ago.  Here are some stunners by the amazing Wanda Shum!!!