Turquoise and lapis-two old favourites

How am I going with my necklaces?  If I was a sensible woman I’d have a regular day, like every Friday, but I’ve never been accused of being sensible.  I think I am up to date so far.  I am having fun anyway.

This week’s necklace used a really interesting pendant I was given for a birthday many years ago.   I combined it with lapis and turquoise from my most recent trip to Nepal and am wearing it as I type.  Obviously I won’t keep them all but this one began as a gift so what choice do I have? 










1 thought on “Turquoise and lapis-two old favourites

  1. Lois Haultain

    I am so enjoying looking at your wondrous makings, and feeling so glad you have embraced your inner Artist. You have every reason to! LOVE this necklace. Absorbed though often mute, Lois.


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