Daily Archives: January 25, 2012

Catching up

Catching up with people and catching up with posting!

Last week I had a few days R and R in Sydney with family and friends. 
There are times when, as much as I like the place,  Broken Hill feels
like a long way away from most of my family and friends. 
Possibly because it is. 

The visit had an Asian flavour.  On Monday I had an invigorating 
Thai massage with Lois and then with Meredith I visited fascinating
Cabramatta and delighted in the lychees, rambutans, dragon fruit and fresh
turmeric piled high in aromatic and jewel coloured heaps.  We trawled fabric
shops managed by elegant Chinese ladies catering to the Muslim ladies’ needs
for good hijab fabric. 


And I got to know the ladies my mum had bought to life using faces and    
hands I had made and her own impressive supply of fabric, beads and
creative ingenuity.  The slightly scary looking one in black and red is
really tough to photograph on her own.  For one of my limited ability
anyway.  She gets a mixed reaction but we love her still!









By the skin of my teeth?

I did do the necklace for last week but got distracted from posting it! 
I did use old polymer beads I had made to experiment with a lace cane. 
The longer beads are new.  I bought them last week in Sydney. 
They seemed to be what the lace cane beads were waiting all those years for. 
It is a departure from my usual colours and was a lot of fun to do. 
The KISS rule is, so far, quite liberating!