Daily Archives: January 14, 2012

Get us a pot of tea darling…so I did

I have a patient husband.  He hears a relatively frequent refrain from the end room* where I do my stuff: 

Get us a pot of tea, darling

And my patient husband does.  The use of us makes me feel a little less demanding.

If it is to be herbal tea there was always the dilemma of which of the two teapots the herbal after taste should linger in: the normal tea one or the Nepali chiya one?  It was the least I could do to make one for our herbal tea.

So here she is, the pot of tea darling, looking suitably herbal I think:


 And while I have my cup of tea I peruse my beloved PCD.  On a Sunday I savour Studio Mojo (totally worth the small outlay-this week’s was profound. It is SO much more than a weekly polymer clay newsletter. Just sign up.) And then – via another favourite, Robyn Gordon’s Art Propelled blog – I have stumbled delightedly onto this one: The Beauty We Love  which could well be one I visit daily when I am within cooee of a computer and a connection.  (And who is just loving being able to make that clever link between the words and the sites?  Simple things….)

*In the houses where I have had the luxury of a designated room to play, that room has always been at the end so it becomes the end room.  We’ve lived in some short houses.