Daily Archives: January 5, 2012

52 KISSes*

Many creative souls set themselves challenges to get the creative juices going…a Ring a Day, filling sketch books…that sort of thing.  It can be a good discipline especially when the creative muse seems to have temporarily left the house.  I love the Tinapple/ Doroshow book Creative Sparks or sometimes I read a few favourite gurus for a kick in the creative pants.  And then there is the age old piece of (Australian flavoured ) advice…sit down and bloody well start something.

Currently, I have a storage crate containing little bags of beads and unused canes that I have made over many years and two continents.  Last year in Nepal, Cynthia T told us a tip from Jana Roberts Benzon about refreshing old canes with translucent liquid clay…the equivalent of a mustard oil massage for middle aged canes.  It works are treat!  One of the things I’d like to do this year is to make some things with them.

And here it is in print dear reader: Each week I will try to make one necklace using those beads/ canes – just the ones that are in my To Be Used One Day Box.  And each week I will post a photo of the result.  That’s 52 necklaces.  My mantra with these babies is Keep It Simple Sweetheart*!  Not too much fancy pants embellishment (yup, it will nearly kill me) but for at least one adornment a week I will bear that in mind.  If not actually do it!  I may let myself off the hook while I am in Nepal…or I may cheat. 

Here is the result of Week 1’s focussed but relaxed fiddling: