The story of the Prodigal earring

In 2006, in a Thamel hotel room after enduring a rugged night of Kathmandu’s version of Delhi belly, I hastily and carelessly packed to return home after a couple of months in Dharan with Mal.  We’d been casing the joint before our big move.  I was vaguely aware of throwing jewellery in a bag with clothing and junk but really just wanted to get on a plane and into my bed as soon as I could.  On my return, I discovered that one of my favourite earrings was missing.  I saved it and hoped that one day, its partner would turn up.

Over the intervening 6 years and through at least 5 major moves, one earring would appear and I never knew which of the two I’d found.  I just kept keeping the one in a safe place and hoped the various safe places would coincide one day. 

A few days ago, in a flurry of sorting (a traditional end of year activity for me) I found one and, blow me down, also remembered the safe place where the other was.  What rejoicing there was.  One was very mouldy but, in a testament to the resilience of polymer clay, a little sanding and polishing bought it back to its former splendour. 

This prompted me to get the matching bracelet (which, in my opinion, had never really worked as a bracelet-see below) and re-fashion it into a necklace with turquoise discs and garnet coloured resin beads.


Loving myself sick really.

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