Daily Archives: October 12, 2011

Priorities…packing or pendants?

When there is a lot of organising to do, a bag to pack, documents to print (find!) gifts to buy, a home to be prepared for sustained wifely absence…what else is there to do but…make some necklaces.  I mean, realistically, when you are faced with this….


Wouldn’t you be tempted to turn to this?      

I always find that I get a slightly manic urge to make things just before impending flights!  Usually with some sensible goal-just poor timing. 

When I am in Nepal, people are so very hospitable and I like to be able to give some small presents.  (Can I just say to anyone out there with an entrepreneurial eye-there is a market for high quality, affordable inflatable hostess gifts I think…but I digress).

Inspired by Laurie Mika’s magnificent tile showcased in PCD a while ago, and armed with enthusiasm but virtually NO knowledge of Pearl-X powders, I thought why not make some pendants? 

Nepal is a wonderful place for buying seed beads (called pote and used to indicate marriage) in a huge array of colours.  I do have the odd strand or hundred and thought that the combination of the pendants on a seed bead cord would be a winning one for Nepalis. 

 By the end of the day I had finished a lariat and made up 15 pendants.   And co-opted dear friends into helping out with a Samunnat fund-raiser we will have at the Art Gallery the dayafter I get back to Broken Hill.  I did mention good intentions but poor timing didn’t I?

So there’s no excuses now…cooking, cleaning and packing await.  My next Approximately Wednesday Work Table (catchy  isn’t it?) photos will be from Nepal…and possibly less frequent!