Two weeks to go, and so much to do!!!

Today’s workspace looks a bit like a to do list! 

You can see finished and unfinished black and white necklaces I am making for some galleries where I sell some jewelry.  Originally, these were designed as a class project but it proved very fiddly to get the quality of finish that I wanted.  I was doing two lots of baking to keep the black edge looking crisp.  I didn’t run with the design as a class project (we do the cuff bracelets instead) but have worked out how to get the good finish with one bake by making the canes and then patiently waiting.  And waiting.  And then slicing.

If you look carefully in the the second photo, you can see the ACE Extruder that I will take to the Samunnat ladies in two weeks when I return to Nepal.  This was donated by Rob and Wilma Yost from Polymer Clay Express and I need to become really familiar with it.  Fortunately they have great instructions.  We hope to use it for buttons.  We benefit so much from the generosity of the polymer clay community.  I hope I can post from over there (fraught with technical challenges but I’ll try!) and convey what a huge impact that people’s generosity makes.

I also need to finish mixing clay for the Bodacious Bangle class on Saturday.  You can see the three kits that are finished. Seven to go and each of the 5 colours we are using needs to be mixed from scratch!  I used to mix only what people chose in advance but they invariably want to buy the colours they didn’t choose at the end of the class so now I come prepared! 

Finally, hidden in the background, you can see a copy of our local paper, the Barrier Daily Truth, which has a really exciting page two girl in today’s edition!

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