Daily Archives: October 3, 2011

The healing power of creativity

I could not resist adding this short post today.  One thing I bang on about a lot is the power of creativity. I am lucky to be able to see this close hand with the ladies in Nepal.

One of my favourite blogs is Art Propelled by Robyn Gordon.  Without fail, I am inspired by her work and what she writes about.  Read her post for 22 September.  That’s it.  Just read it and marvel.

Be the wind at their back…

The observant reader amongst you will notice I missed posting last week.  (And to all those who wrote, thanks, really, I am fine. LOL)

I was away for a week being my very own travelling road show, catching up with some old school friends in Sydney, helping our younger daughter move house in Albury, changing from the train to the coach in Seymour, revelling in the Vienna Exhibition in Melbourne and establishing that unless one WAS seeing an Exhibition in Melbourne, the $60 saved in travel expenses didn’t make the long, multi-vehicled Seymour/Melbourne/ Mildura diversion worthwhile.

That observation, while worth noting, is not Monday’s wisdom.  The wisdom for today is partly inspired by the windy, dusty weather we have been having lately.  Broken Hill is a bit notorious for windy, dusty days.  They call it show weather and the photos show what the really bad days are / were like.


Today’s wisdom comes from Modern Family which I have only just discovered (I know, I know-this is old news for the rest of you but we were TV free in Nepal!!!) thanks to my nephew Tim. 

Words of wisdom with respect to your relationship with your kids: Be the wind at their backs not the spit in their face.  And apparently it sounds better in Spanish.

Last week as I lifted lounges and cleaned bathrooms I trust I was being wind-like. Eh Jen?