5 Tip Truths-words to live by

Obviously you come to Monday’s Musings looking for profound life wisdom to start your week and, indeed, here it is:  Tips about the Tip.  Or the depot  as it is known in Broken Hill.  Learned from hard won experience and shared with you:

1. Don’t bring back more than you took.  It sounds self-evident but needs to be said.

2. Monday is usually a ripper day for scavenging.  So much has been dumped over the weekend and is just waiting to be spotted.

3. Respond to the This will be good for… rather than the This could be good for…voices.

4. If it hasn’t been good for something in 6 months, take it back.

5. Just because it has organisational potential, doesn’t mean you have to take it.

Broken Hill is a regional city without kerbside recycling which is a shame, but there you go.  So every couple of weeks, keen locals take their recyclables to the depot and some of those keen locals recycle those recyclables.  Such is my pleasure and enthusaism about tip visiting that I have to tell myself to wait until I have enough to justify the trip.

I scour in three main item categories:

Items that make great textures on polymer clay e.g.  Can you believe those angel wings???!!!  And that grater is 6 cm high!  Perfect for so many things.




 Items that I can will use for mixed media work (frames or quirky hanging things) or things that might will be good for ladies’ innards)




or those simply too good to go past items like this potato roaster and unopened packet of muffin cases. 

 And what did I pay for this mornings gleanings?  $3.00 for the lot!  Now go recycle.

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